Speech and Language

The Speech & Language Therapy Team for School Age children in Warwickshire are a specialist team who understand children’s speech and language development and the potential impact on communication and learning.

  • Up to 40% of children enter school with delayed listening and language abilities
  • 5 to 7 % of children have persistent language and communication difficulties

We have specialist knowledge in a range of needs,  including Specific Language Impairment, Austistic Spectrum Disorder, Alternative & Augmentative Communication, deafness, complex needs, eating & swallowing, stammering and cleft lip & palate.

The team work closely with parents and other education professionals in Warwickshire (e.g. IDS teachers, Educational Psychologists)

‘Speech and Language Therapists, schools and parents should strive to work collaboaratively through jointly agreed strategies and approaches which will then be pervasive across a child’s full learning experience in school and at home’. (SEN Code of Practice 2001).  Appropriate training for school staff is key to achieving this aim.

For more specific information click on the links below or contact us directly to discuss your needs on 01926 400001 or email julian.gartside@swft.nhs.uk

Classroom Communicators

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Tuned In

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Word Power

A practical approach to vocabulary teaching and learning for all children, - includes those with English as a Second Language and Language learning needs Read more

School Sounds Fun! – developing clear speech

Building knowledge and developing skills and confidence to enable Teaching Assistants to deliver speech sound programmes. Read more

Makaton foundation course

Learn to use sign and symbols to support your communication Read more