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Residential Care / Nursing Homes / Hospices

To maintain a good quality of life and remain healthier for longer has must be the ultimate goal for any client residing in a good residential care home, nursing home or indeed hospice. When clients move into their new home – your home becomes their home, lets help keep them there and not in acute services where their quality of life will be impacted.

To support you to achieve this as well as comply with statutory CQC requirements, we have a range of training courses, which include moving and handling, infection prevention and control, the care certificate. These and others can be delivered on site or staff can attend a relevant course near them on the dates offered. Please contact us on 01926 600 843.

Most recently a residential nursing home contacted us, a new manager had taken over and realised pretty quickly that none of her staff had up to date moving and handling training which is a statutory requirement. We sent one of our very experienced specialist trainers, Di to view the environment and assess how to make the course very specific to the equipment the home was using. Subsequently all 35 staff were trained within the month, and the manager could breathe a sigh of relief!

Customer Feedback:

Pami Waddington - Staff Nurse – Hello I want to give you feedback having attended my first CETA training session 17/08/16 Verification of Death. I was greeted by Laura (admin) fantastic customer service, not to mention the trainer Karen Hartley who delivered the training superbly. As a nursing home nurse it is great to be offered the opportunity to train with NHS colleagues (as not all nursing home nurses are in the twilight of their careers some of us are very on the ball and raring to go!) I have booked on a few courses and thoroughly look forward to attending these! Excellent work CETA!! Thank you for the opportunity to learn it is so valuable I love imparting knowledge!!! 

Pami Waddington - Staff Nurse – Hello CETA, I just wanted to leave feedback re the BLS training I was most fortunate. To attend. We were greeted by admin Laura who was very professional and approachable- excellent customer service. The trainer Niigel Whatmore made the training very interesting and to the point. We were all made to feel at ease and the thorough way the training was delivered was VERY confidence building. I was thrilled to hear my colleagues say they were. So glad they attended. I can honestly say we all felt much more confident after this training session. It was really good to see my colleagues excited and proud of themselves. So once again a huge thank you CETA. I shall be returning with more colleagues for other courses! I am so glad this service is available to us out in the community, most valuable!!